Best Brush for Shorted-Haired Dogs: Tips on Grooming a Short-Haired Puppy


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Some dog owners think short-haired dogs don’t need brushing. Wrong. Even dogs with a short coat need grooming. It’s easy to assume they only need a bath now and then, but short-haired dogs shed as much as long-haired breeds. And they need a different brush for their coat. An undercoat rake doesn’t work. So, what is the best brush for short-haired dogs? Let’s find out.

Finding the best dog brush for short hair might be a challenge. But we want to help you make an educated decision. Look for a brush that has a lot of soft bristles. Combs and detangling tools don’t work. Our best pick is the Kong ZoomGroom. Even groomers and pet shop workers recommend this brush. It’s the best brush of its type. Affordable, efficient, and you can use it while bathing your pet.

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1. Kong ZoomGroom Dog Grooming Toy

The ZoomGroom might be the best grooming and shampooing brush on the market. It helps remove loose hairs like a magnet. At the same time, it provides a massage for your puppy and stimulates natural oil production.

You can use the Kong ZoomGroom on both wet and dry coats. It’s perfect for dogs with short hair; brush in circles to loosen the shedding fur, and then brush from head to tail.

There is a debate about whether the Kong ZoomGroom or the FURminator is the better brush. We went with the ZoomGroom because it is gentler than the FURminator. But either one of these options works as the best brush for short-haired dogs.

Why do we like it?

  • Made in the USA
  • Available in two colors and two sizes
  • Provides a massage while brushing
  • You can use it on wet and dry skin

Best Premium

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2. Chris Christensen Ionic Brass Boar Brush

Chris Christensen makes products for show dogs. You might need to pay a little extra, but it is well worth the investment. This brush works smoothly through the hair of your dog. It doesn’t dig down into the fur, and it doesn’t hurt the skin.

Made of durable and lightweight beech wood with an ultra-fine finish, the solid brass bristles distribute natural oils while the outer row bristles smooth the hair. Simply said, you get the highest-quality product.

Why do we like it?

  • Cleans dander with fewer strokes
  • Made of durable beech wood with an ultra-fine finish
  • Products for show dogs

Best Budget

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3. FURminator Curry Comb

FURminator makes a lot of products for dog grooming. Their undercoat rake might be the best option for dogs with a thick coat. With that in mind, for short-haired breeds, the curry comb works the best. It’s ideal for removing dust and loose hair.

What we like the most is the design. Basically, you put your hand inside the brush and go over your dog. The ergonomic handle is secure and comfortable in your hand. Be careful, before using, to inspect your dog’s body. If there are any bruises or sores, don’t use the brush.

Thanks to the antimicrobial plastic, there will be no bacteria or germs. It’s designed for dogs with a short or medium coat.

Why do we like it?

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Gentle for sensitive skin dogs
  • Anti-microbial plastic

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4. Hertzko Bristle Brush

You might know Hertzko more for their self-cleaning slicker brush. But that one doesn’t work for dogs with short hair. This one is ideal for brushing and fur fluffing; it gently removes loose hair and trapped dirt.

The brush’s densely packed bristles are soft on the skin, and it works for dogs with sensitive skin as well. It provides a grooming treatment and massage for your dog, improving blood circulation and leaving your pet with a shiny, healthy coat.

Designed with a comfortable anti-slip handle for easy grip, it prevents hand and wrist strain, no matter how long you use it.

Why do we like it?

  • Comfortable and secure grip
  • Densely packed bristles
  • Ideal for fur fluffing

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5. Le Salon Essential Rubber Brush

If you’re looking for a basic brush for dogs with short hair, this might be the one. With a loop handle, it’s great for removing loose and shedding hair. You can use it during bath time or on dry skin. Don’t use it on matted or tangled fur, though.

Easy to clean and perfect for bath time, this is a go-to product for many owners. It weighs less than 3 ounces, making it lightweight and easy in your hand, so there’s no strain when using it.

After you finish brushing, just wash it with soap and water. It’s that easy.

Why do we like it?

  • Basic, yet effective brush
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight

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6. Safari Rubber Brush

Use the brush to add sheen to your dog’s coat. At the same time, the brush will massage your dog’s skin. Safari is another company that has a wide range of grooming products for your pet, whether you’re looking for the best brush for short-haired dogs or any other grooming product.

Made from soft rubber, the brush is great for dogs of all sizes, as long as they have short hair—don’t use it on dogs with a thick coat. The brush helps remove loose hair and dirt trapped in the coat.

Why do we like it?

  • Adds sheen to the coat
  • Made from soft rubber
  • Works for dogs of all sizes

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7. 3-in-1 Dog Bath Brush

This brush works in a variety of ways to help your furry friend. It works as a dog massager tool, deshedding tool, and fur detangling. It makes grooming easier and simpler. And it does all that without hurting your baby.

It’s designed to be comfortable for your dog, and thanks to the rounded teeth, there is little breakage. After using it, your dog has a soft, smooth coat.

Being a heavy-duty rubber brush, it can easily remove every loose hair. It doesn’t catch on tangles and it doesn’t cause discomfort.

Last, but not least, it comes with a comfortable, firm grip. You can massage your dog in the bath and not worry about slipping.

Why do we like it?

  • 3-in-1 tool
  • Innovative non-slip grip
  • Doesn’t hurt your dog while using

How short is short-haired?

Short-haired dogs have a hair length of one inch or shorter. Their hair can be straight and smooth. Short- and wire-coated dogs don’t fall into this category. They need different brushes. Think of dogs like the Great Dane, Boxer, Pug, Chihuahua, Bulldog, or a Beagle.

What type of brush you should use?

There are different types of brushes. Some of the most common are slicker brush, bristle brush, and undercoat rake. You shouldn’t use a slicker brush or undercoat rake on a short-haired dog. Why? Because they can rake the skin of your dog.

Some slicker brushes might work on your dog. But you should try and find slicker brushes designed for dogs with short hair. We would like to stay away from those other options.

Bristle brushes are great for dogs with short hair because they keep your dog’s hair healthy. They have tightly packed bristles made from natural fibers, and you can use them as a dog shedding brush as well. You can also try to find a two-sided bristle brush with pins on the opposite side. These work great if you have more than one dog in the household.

As we said before, slicker brushes generally don’t work. They consist of thin wires attached to a wide surface. They work to remove mats and tangles. If you decide to use a slicker brush designed for short-haired dogs, be gentle. The metal wires can cause discomfort if don’t use them properly.

Short-haired dogs don’t need rake brushes. Undercoat rakes work for dogs with an undercoat and thick coats. Go for bristle or rubber curry brushes.

How to reduce shedding in a short-haired dog

Deshedding is not something you can do overnight. It is a long process. The first step toward less shedding is regular brushing. Make sure to brush your short-haired dog at least once per week. Bath him with a deshedding shampoo once every two months. You can also find deshedding conditioners.

Short-haired dogs shed as well. They might shed even more than long-haired dogs. Dogs with short hair shed all year long. And their hair is smaller and sharper; it gets into fabrics and sticks there. That’s why it’s important to reduce shedding as much as possible.

Besides using dog shedding products, consider your dog’s food. Healthy pets shed less. Feed your dog with quality food enriched with vitamins that improve the coat’s health.

How often should you brush your short-haired dog?

Generally speaking, once per week is more than enough. Some canine experts say that no matter the length of the coat, you should brush your dog every two days.

That might be too much for short-haired dogs. But their hair goes through the natural cycle as well, and brushing helps remove dead and loose hair from his body.

We recommend doing a super-thorough brushing once per week.

Challenges and Grooming Tips

All dogs shed. As we mentioned before, short-haired dogs shed year-round. Dogs with long hair and undercoats shed seasonally. But the challenge with short-haired dogs is their hair is harder to get out of fabrics.

Short-haired dogs are also more prone to allergies. Even the slightest contact with allergens can cause itchiness. Here are some grooming tips for your dog with short hair:

  • Don’t forget the tail and paws.
  • Breeds with extra-soft hair need less grooming.
  • Give treats to your puppy to make brushing a fun and entertaining activity.

How to Brush a Short-Haired Dog

Brushing a short-haired dog will spread the natural oils in the skin, resulting in a healthy, shiny coat. But how to do it? You’ll need one of the best brushes for short-haired dogs we recommended earlier.

Brush against hair growth first to remove loose hair, and then with the growth to flatten the hair. Brushing in the direction of hair growth also helps spread natural oils. To keep your dog’s coat shiny afterward, use a spray-in conditioner.


Short-haired dogs might not suffer from hair matting. But you still need to brush them regularly to remove dirt, dust, and loose hair. Without brushing, their coat won’t look beautiful.

As we said before, stay away from slicker brushes (unless you’re a professional and can find a good slicker brush for small dogs). Bristle brushes and rubber curry brushes work the best. We have plenty of those on our list, including our best pick, the Kong ZoomGroom.

Or you can go for a more premium bristle brush option, like Chris Christensen. This brush has the highest quality materials. And for those who want to take the ZoomGroom vs FURminator debate further, we have a FURminator Curry Rubber brush as well.


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