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Dogs lose old and damaged hair by shedding. That is a natural process for our furry friends. The amount and frequency of shedding depend on many factors, including breed and health. But it can also depend on the weather. With that in mind, nobody wants a pile of hair around the home. One of the ways to counter shedding is to get the best dog shampoo for shedding.

Remember, dogs shed two times per year. You can’t do much about that. Before the winter, they shed to get a thicker coat because they need warmth. Before the spring, they shed their winter coat and replace it with a lighter coat. Today, we will talk about how to reduce your dog’s shedding. Of course, one way is to use our recommendation, Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo.

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1. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Earthbath contains two of the most important ingredients for shed control: oatmeal and aloe vera. The former addresses inflammation and moisture, and aloe vera helps with healing of the skin. The result is healthy and moisturized skin.

You get a luxurious, all-natural shampoo for a price that is quite affordable. Soap-free and pH balanced, Earthbath will clean and deodorize your pet, and his coat will be clean and soft. Bonus: Your dog will smell better than ever.

Formulated to address the needs of dry and itchy skin, you can also use the shampoo together with topical flea applications.

Why do we like it?

  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Helps with dry and itchy skin
  • All-natural shampoo for an affordable price
  • 100% biodegradable

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2. Furminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo

Furminator has an ultimate hair reduction system. You need both the Furminator Shampoo and Furminator deshedding tool for it. You brush and comb the fur to clean the coat of debris, and then bathe your dog to promote healthy skin and coat.

This best dog shampoo for shedding works by reducing loose hair. Enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, papaya leaf extract, and calendula extract, the shampoo will also nourish the skin.

You can use it once per month as part of the grooming regimen recommended by Furminator.

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3. Wahl Shed Control Pet Shampoo

The Wahl Shed Control Shampoo contains lemongrass and sage scents, and will make your dog smell heavenly. Thick lather rinses off clean and your pet looks clean.

Made in the USA with oatmeal and aloe, this shampoo has all the goodies your dog needs. pH balanced and alcohol-free, veterinarians recommend the shampoo to reduce dander and shedding. Your dog’s coat will be clean and refreshed.

Wahl shampoo contains a higher concentrate, so you don’t have to use as much shampoo as with other brands. A little bit goes a long way.

Wahl has served professional groomers and veterinarians for more than 50 years. You’re not only buying a shampoo; you’re also buying tradition.

Why do we like it?

  • Naturally scented
  • High concentration — a little bit of shampoo is enough
  • Made in the USA
  • 50-year history and tradition

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4. Oster Shed Control Shampoo

Oster makes sure your pet gets gentle care. The company has several different formulas, depending on your dog’s needs — odor control, shed control, and soothing. For this purpose, we recommend the shed control shampoo.

It packs a variety of nourishing ingredients that will treat your pet. Your dog will love the refreshing bath, the long-lasting coconut scent keeps your dog smelling great, and the pH balanced and oatmeal-enriched formula takes care of his coat. It’s made in the USA with no alcohol, parabens, or dyes.

Why do we like it?

  • Long-lasting coconut scent
  • You can use it on dogs and cats
  • Enriched with vitamin B5

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5. Premium Pet Oatmeal Anti-Itch Shampoo

From the logo of the brand, you can see how much they care for dogs. The company considers pets as part of the family. They are kids too. That is why they try to deliver the best organic, natural shampoo.

The formula contains oatmeal and baking soda to help with itchy skin without compromise. At the same time, aloe vera soothes the skin, and the coconut natural scent makes your dog smell wonderful.

It’s recommended for both small and large dogs. There are zero harmful chemicals in the shampoo, and you can even use it to treat dandruff.

The company donates a part of the profit to pets with cancer. So, you’re not only helping your dog, you’re helping dogs worldwide.

Why do we like it?

  • Best natural anti-itch shampoo
  • Company helps dogs worldwide with donations
  • Prevents allergies
  • You can use it for dandruff

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6. Veterinary Formula Clinical Antiparasitic Medicated Shampoo

You can rarely find a veterinary and medicated shampoo that works for an affordable price. This is the best dog shampoo for shedding recommended by veterinarians. Formulated for dogs with antiparasitic and antiseborrheic properties, you can use the shampoo on dogs of 12 weeks of age.

Thanks to the pH balance, the shampoo is great for dogs with sensitive skin. It contains coal tar and salicylic acid, two ingredients rarely found in dog shampoo for shedding, and it can treat skin scaling and other skin issues.

It works fast to relive inflamed coat. Use the shampoo 2 to 3 times per week in the beginning, and reduce the frequency as the condition improves.

Why do we like it?

  • Gentle healing
  • Delivers fast results
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • Medicated formula

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7. Tropic Clean Shampoo for Shed Control

Do you have a smelly dog that sheds? Worry no more. TropiClean can help you moisturize your pet and reduce shedding. It also helps to reduce tangles and excess hair.

The energizing scent of lime and coconut will leave your dog smelling fresh, and you’ll love to cuddle with your dog after a bath.

The company recommends using this shampoo in combination with a conditioner. You can even use it along with spot-on treatments.

Why do we like it?

  • Safe for routine bathing
  • Your dog smells fresh
  • Eliminates tangles and excess hair

Why does my dog shed like crazy?

Simply put — because he is a dog. What seems like excessive shedding for you, is normal for your dog. Yes, some factors determine the amount and frequency of shedding. But dogs do shed. If you notice excessive shedding, consult with a veterinarian. Here are a couple of factors that can increase shedding:

  • Parasites infecting his coat, including fleas and lice
  • Fungal or bacterial infection
  • Poor nutrition
  • Stress
  • Underlying disorder
  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Self-induced trauma due to licking
  • Immune disease
  • Cancer
  • Kidney or adrenal disease
  • Sunburn
  • Food-related allergies

Seven Breeds That Shed the Most

We mentioned that some breeds are more prone to shedding than others. Shedding is normal for all dogs. It’s true that some breeds don’t shed, but they are a small fraction of all dog breeds. Here are the seven breeds that will give you the most trouble with shedding.

  1. A Saint Bernard comes in two coat types: short-haired and long-haired. Both shed. Short-haired breeds have a smooth, dense coat. Long-haired Saint Bernards have slightly wavy fur. But that doesn’t stop them from shedding.
  2. The Chow Chow blows his coat two times per year. They have a lot of fur, and they need brushing, cleaning, and grooming often.
  3. The Akita has a dense, double coat to stay warm during the winter. The good thing is her fur has little odor, and she can also shed dirt easily. But she sheds a lot.
  4. The Siberian Husky is another breed that needs a double coat to stay warm in the winter. Manufacturers have started producing the best deshedding shampoo for huskies.
  5. The Golden Retriever might be one of the friendliest dogs in the world. But if shedding is a deal-breaker for you, then consider a different breed. The Goldie has a dense, water-repellent double coat; he needs daily brushing to remove mats, tangles, and dead hair.
  6. Another family favorite is the Labrador Retriever. He might not have as long a coat as the Golden Retriever, but he also sheds a lot. Solid brushing will help you keep him clean.
  7. Last, but not leastly, we have the German Shepherd. He needs heavy-duty brushing during the spring and fall.

Can Coconut Oil Stop Shedding?

One of the many homemade solutions for shedding is coconut oil. Yes, a lot of people praise coconut oil for helping them. The oil has a plethora of benefits. They help humans and dogs. The question is how much coconut oil is enough?

You can give your dog coconut oil orally and topically. Coconut oil contains medium-chain triglycerides that help your dog with a shiny and healthy coat. If you go for oral treatment, give small dogs ¼ teaspoon per day and large dogs 1 teaspoon. As your dog adjusts to the treatment, you can increase the intake. Aim for 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds of body weight.

You can apply coconut oil to protect your dog from inflammation, unpleasant dog odor, and hair loss. Warm one teaspoon of coconut oil between your hands. Massage your dog thoroughly. Allow the oil to soak for 5 to 10 minutes, and then rinse off any excess oil with water. Repeat the process once per week.

Buying Guide for Dog Shampoo for Shedding

You’re probably wondering what to search for in the best dog shampoo for shedding and dry skin. Well, to classify as the best dog shampoo for shedding, the product needs some of the following ingredients (these are all ingredients that help with shedding and improve the coat’s health):

  • Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help with the treatment of skin allergies
  • Vitamin E to help with skin care
  • Aloe vera, a natural moisturizer that promotes healing of the skin
  • Oatmeal, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant found in most dog shampoos
  • Vitamin B6 to help promote healthy skin
  • Coconut oil, a multifunctional skin treatment with antimicrobial properties

How to minimize a dog’s shedding

You can’t stop a healthy dog from normal shedding. But you can reduce the amount of hair he sheds. There are some ways to minimize shedding, and you can use them all:

  • Find the right brush

Combs massage your dog’s skin and remove dead skin cells.

Brushing is essential if you want to reduce shedding. But not all brushes work the same. You need to find the right brush for the purpose. You can brush your dog once per day or once per week.

A bristle brush works for all coat types. But if your dog has a longer coat, you need a brush with more widely spaced and longer bristles. A wire-pin brush works for curly and wooly coats. Use it for dogs with medium to long hair. A slicker brush works for removing tangles and mats.

  • Get a shedding tool

Brushes are great. But you need more equipment if you want to tackle shedding. Find a shedding tool designed to remove dead hair. Look for a brush with closely spaced tines that work on removing the undercoat. You can also try a shedding blade with serrated teeth.

  • Don’t underestimate a healthy diet

Feed your dog a healthy diet. Dogs that eat a complete and balanced diet will get the vitamins and nutrients they need. A healthy diet ensures your dog’s hair is growing strong. Your dog’s food should contain omega-3 fatty acids that promote healthy hair growth.

  • Provide fresh water

If your dog is shedding more than usual, provide more water. Keep an eye on the water bowl; dogs should drink an ounce of water per pound of body weight. Provide enough fresh water to prevent dehydrated, dry skin. Dehydrated skin is one of the major causes of hair loss.

  • Regular baths

Bathing your dog with the best dog shampoo for shedding is essential. Using a dog shampoo to reduce shedding will remove dead hair and moisturize the skin, resulting in healthier and stronger follicles. You should bathe your dog once per month or once every two months. But always use a deshedding shampoo during the shedding season.

When to visit the vet

We said before that shedding is normal in most cases. But if the shedding is excessive and constant, you should check with a vet. If you notice any of the following conditions, visit a vet immediately:

  • Skin irritation including rashes and redness
  • Open sores
  • Constant and frequent scratching
  • Dully and dry hair
  • Constant foot licking
  • Constant face rubbing


As we said before, you can’t completely avoid shedding. Dogs shed because they are dogs. What you can do, however, is minimize shedding. Brushing and bathing are two effective ways to reduce excess hair in the home.

And while there are many options on the market, we recommend Earthbath all-natural shampoo. The natural ingredients will do wonders for your dog. Formulated to fight itchy, dry skin, the shampoo will transform your pet’s coat. If you can afford to pay more, there are higher-priced options, like the Furminator treatment. But at the end of the day, it’s your choice.


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