Best Shampoo for Pitbulls: 7 Picks for Sensitive Pittie Fur


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Pitbull dogs have different allergies. That’s why they are one of the most challenging dogs when it comes to grooming and bathing. You have to be careful when selecting the best shampoo for Pitbulls. You need a soothing shampoo that will take care of your dog’s gentle skin.

We want to help you find the best treatment for your pooch. Our top pick, Shapley’s Original M-T-G, has helped so many people. The shampoo performs great in treating skin issues and helps with skin healing.

But that’s not the only shampoo you can choose. We have other options on the list, and we will help you understand your Pittie’s sensitive skin.

Our Reviews

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1. Shapley’s Original M-T-G

You might be wondering why a shampoo not labeled for dogs is our best pick. Well, it’s all about the praises from happy customers. And the formula is promising. Designed to help skin healing and hair growth, this oil-based product provides relief from itchy, dry skin. You can also use it for dermatitis problems.

Tested for both skin healing and hair growth, the shampoo works by creating a barrier against the elements while keeping your dog’s skin moisturized. You don’t need to wash off the shampoo between applications—a towel dry will be enough.

This shampoo is made in the USA.

Why do we like it?

  • Praised by many Pitbull owners
  • Creates a barrier against irritants
  • Helps skin healing

Best Premium

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2. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care

Clinical Care delivers premium medicated products at an affordable price. Yes, this product is more expensive than regular dog shampoos, but it’s worth it.

The antifungal medical shampoo relieves fungal and bacterial infections on your dog’s skin. Formulated with an anti-bacterial agent, this shampoo also has antiseptic properties. It’s 100% safe to use on your dog’s skin, and there are no parabens or soaps in the formula.

You can use it along with topical spot-on flea and tick treatments, and it’s safe for use on dogs as young as three months old. If the condition is severe, you can use it two times per week to clear up ticks.

Why do we like it?

  • Created with veterinary-grade ingredients
  • Safe to use on 12-week-old puppies
  • Safe for more frequent usage

Best Budget

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3. Pro Pet Works Organic Oatmeal Shampoo

This is your Pitbull shampoo Walmart. You can find this budget pick in almost any store, even Walmart. Formulated with oatmeal, the shampoo works for pets with allergies and flea bites, and you can use it on dogs and cats.

pH balanced for dogs with sensitive skin, the shampoo has a natural cherry almond smell. Your dog will be clean and smell fresh. It’s excellent for dry and itchy skin and contains aloe vera, which is therapeutic and soothing for dog’s skin.

The company also uses 100% biodegradable materials for their bottles. With bottles made with recycled materials, Pro Pet works pledges to help the environment.

Why do we like it?

  • Organic oatmeal shampoo
  • pH balanced for dogs with sensitive, dry skin
  • Environmentally friendly

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4. Dechra DermAllay Oatmeal Shampoo for Dogs

This shampoo’s ingredients include hydrolyzed oat protein, castor oil, and glycerin, which are the ingredients your puppy needs for moisturizing skin. It provides gentle conditioning and exfoliating.

The formula lathers far better than most dog products on the market. And you will love the natural green apple scent. We know oatmeal is a great ingredient for relieving dry and itchy skin, and this shampoo has plenty of it.

Why do we like it?

  • Lathers better than most products
  • Fresh green apple scent
  • Soothes the skin

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5. Davis Miconazole Pet Shampoo

The shampoo has a nice pleasant and medical smell. It won’t irritate your dog, and you can use it to relieve symptoms of fungal infection and soothe damaged skin. It also helps with the scaling of the skin, and it contains colloidal oatmeal that locks in moisture.

The shampoo is free of parabens, fragrances, and dyes, and is safe for adult dogs and little puppies. You can also use it on cats. For severe symptoms, apply two times per week; allow the shampoo to soak into the coat for 10 minutes, and then rinse.

Why do we like it?

  • Effective against scaling
  • Contains colloidal oatmeal
  • Has a nice pleasant and medical smell

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6. DVM Pharmaceuticals Hylyt Shampoo

This gentle and hypoallergenic shampoo contains emollients that moisturize the skin as well as protein for conditioning the skin. pH balanced, the shampoo contains only natural moisturizing ingredients that help maintain skin hydration.

It promotes hydration of the skin, and controls flaking and scaling. The formula also contains essential fatty acids ideal for Pitbulls. Use it on your Pittie to help with itching and dry skin.

Why do we like it?

  • Gentle and hypoallergenic
  • pH balanced
  • Helps with flaking and scaling

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7. Notie Medicated Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

This premium dog shampoo for sensitive skin includes 30 years of experience. The company has a long tradition and history in formulating dog shampoos. This one helps with skin relief in itchy dogs. You can use it on dogs with seasonal allergies as well.

The best part is the 2-in-1 formula, which contains colloidal oatmeal for anti-itch relief and healing ingredients. It’s a great shampoo for pain relief in itchy dogs. And it helps your dog get a thick coat.

The medicated shampoo works quickly to soothe your dog. And you can try it risk-free; if you don’t like it, return it for a full refund.

Why do we like it?

  • 2-in-1 formula
  • Company with long tradition and history
  • Company offers a full refund

Why does your Pitbull need special shampoo?

Pitbulls have skin and fur problems. Even mixed Pits have issues with their skin. Besides using a natural shampoo, you can help them with their diet. Your Pit needs a grain-free diet that will calm his skin. Adding some fish oil supplements helps as well.

Speaking of their skin, they have dry and sophisticated skin. The atmosphere affects their skin; because of dryness in the air, their skin can become itchy.

Pitbulls need a natural and oil-oriented shampoo. The shampoo needs to keep their moisture up, which is why you’ll find lots of oatmeal-based shampoos on the list.

Pitbull Skin Characteristics and Common Issues

Because Pitbulls have short hair, you might think they don’t need a lot of maintenance. But that’s wrong. You can probably cut back on bathing. You can bathe your Pit once every few months. But your dog needs regular brushing with the best brush for Pitbulls to help distribute natural oils throughout the coat and eliminate dryness and itchiness.

Some of the common skin issues are the following:

  • Seasonal allergies can lead to scratching and open wounds. During allergy season, your Pit will suffer from inflammation. Use a hypoallergenic shampoo to help him.
  • Hot spots can appear on the skin during summer. Hot spots are bare, hairless areas of skin that are very itchy and uncomfortable. Your dog might scratch the spot constantly.
  • Pitbulls have sensitive skin and react to irritants that don’t bother other dogs. They are often exposed to environmental factors that make their skin irritated and itchy.

How to bathe your Pitbull

It’s one thing to select the best Pitbull skin care products. But it’s another to use them properly. Now that you have some options for the best shampoo for Pitbulls, let’s talk about how to use it.

Take a little quantity of the shampoo and put it onto your Pittie’s coat. Lather up your dog’s body from tail to head. Give him a warm massage while applying the shampoo. Some people prefer rinsing the shampoo, while others prefer towel drying. It all depends on the shampoo. Read the instructions. If it says to rinse, then rinse.

Always use normal or warm water. Don’t use hot water, as it can irritate your dog’s skin.

What to look for in the best shampoo for Pitbulls

The most common ingredient found in shampoos for Pitbulls is oatmeal. It’s beneficial for allergies and irritation. Oatmeal can comfort and lessen hives, and it’s a mild shampoo. Avoid any parabens and chemical scents. Even if your Pit doesn’t have allergies, use a mild shampoo. With that in mind, here are some factors to look for.

  • Hypoallergenic: Use a shampoo designed for dogs with sensitive skin, free from irritants.
  • Moisturizers: Choose a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients that will soothe his dry skin.
  • Natural ingredients: Always look for a shampoo with natural ingredients due to skin sensitivity.
  • Puppy safe: It’s always a good idea to look for the best dog shampoo for puppies, safe for young dogs.

Tips for bathing a Pitbull

Some dogs love bath time, others don’t. If you work with an anxious, nervous puppy, bathing can be a struggle. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Here are some tips on how to make your puppy happy during bathing.

  • Brush your Pittie before bathing to get rid of loose and dead hairs.
  • Fill the tub with a few inches of water, and then place a bath mat or towel on the bottom to improve traction.
  • Wet your dog’s coat using a sprayer.
  • Apply dog shampoo on the back, and then work towards the legs and tail.
  • Rinse any residue to prevent drying of the skin.
  • Soak up as much moisture with a towel as you can.
  • If it’s warm outside, let your Pitbull air dry.

How to make your Pitbull smell better

Some people prefer to use the best dog shampoo for odor, no matter what. Now, in some cases, that might be good. But if your Pit smells bad, you might want to find out the cause. First, rule out the possibility of rolling into something unpleasant. Puppy odor can sometimes be a sign of an underlying health issue.

How often to bathe a Pitbull

Some people prefer to use the best dog shampoo for odor, no matter what. Now, in some cases, that might be good. But if your Pit smells bad, you might want to find out the cause. First, rule out the possibility of rolling into something unpleasant. Puppy odor can sometimes be a sign of an underlying health issue.

How to make homemade oatmeal dog shampoo for a Pitbull

We mentioned that oatmeal is a good ingredient to look for in the best shampoo for Pitbulls. You can also make your own homemade oatmeal dog shampoo. It helps with dry and itchy wintertime skin. And it gives your dog a nice and soothing bath.


  • 1 cup of dry quick-cook oats
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1½ tablespoons of coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
  • 1 cup of liquid castile soap (optional)
  • 2 drops of lavender essential oil (optional)
  • 2 drops of rosemary essential oil (optional)

How to do it

  1. Combine the oats and water in a microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Heat in the microwave for 2 minutes.
  3. Add coconut oil, lemon juice, and essential oils.
  4. Stir in castile soap.
  5. Use a funnel to add the mixture into a bottle.


As you can see, Pitbulls are notorious for dry skin. Some people even give their Pits allergy medication. But unless your Pit has severe allergy issues, you don’t need that. Don’t go that far. Use a good shampoo to maintain the glossiness of your dog’s skin.

Test any product before applying it to the whole body. Even our best pick, Shapley’s Original M-T-G, might not work for every dog. Pitbulls are unique. What works for one dog might not work for another. But the products on our list give you the best odds. For severe issues, try a premium product like the Veterinary Formula dog shampoo. And for your budget picks, Pro Pet works fine.


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